And We're Waiting...And Waiting

by Mary Johnson 

March is the season of Lent and a time of waiting. My mother had an expression when we were growing up: "hurry up and wait". She always told us it was an old military expression. It seemed to be applicable on many occasions in our busy household. There were always some of us more ready that the rest to head out for whatever it was we were doing. When you are young and not in charge of the schedule or the calendar of events, there is the element of frustration. The "hurry up and wait" dynamic. In many ways it is the same feeling I have about March: the waiting for the end of winter, the waiting for spring break and the waiting through the seasFr. Parkinon of Lent.

For as much as we anticipate the change of seasons and the impending spring break, my hope is that the season of Lent offers the same sort of excited anticipation. The children in the Church School program took home mite boxes with a calendar to mark each day of Lent. The suggestions for the number of coins the children should put in the box are opportunities for reflection: to realize how much they have been given and to mindful of the needs of others. Rather than just the hurry up and wait approach, it is an opportunity to take stock of where we are on our spiritual journey, to reflect on the ways we celebrate God's love in our lives. Then coming together on Easter Sunday, celebrate the greatest gift of all; the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Church School

The students in third grade completed their Solemn Communion Preparation. On the Saturday of the first weekend in Lent, they helped Bill Haljun and Pastor Heath prepare the communion bread we will use during Lent and on the first Sunday of Lent, the students presented the gifts at the Offertory during the 9:00 Liturgy in church. The students in the preschool through fifth grade will be traveling to Narnia during Lent. This wonderful story by C.S. Lewis is an invitation to the children into the joy of discovery and insight as they experience the tales of fantasy and imagination. Questions and lessons will include; who do you believe, what do you value, and what does sacrifice mean.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Our registration for next school year is nearly full with availability in the afternoon three year old and four year old classes only. We are blessed to have this ministry with such a strong reputation in the Early Childhood Community.
Summer Camp registration is currently taking place and you can find a link to the form on the website.