Slow Down, You Move To Fast

by Mary Johnson
This is not often the phrase that comes to mind as we sit at our desks and peer into the screens of our computers. In most cases, it doesn't seem to move fast enough. A few seconds delay in opening a file elicits a sigh of exasperation. This same experience is now transferred to our phones as we wait for it to give us a map or email or text. Everything seems to be in hurry up mode! We barely get the children in school in September and inquiries are made as to when registration takes place for next year.

So in anticipation of the annual trip I take with my family, there is the need to hurry up and get everything ready for a week of doing basically nothing! A week when my whole family slows down to spend quality time together. A week free from any kind of schedule where the hardest decision is "beach or pool?" is phenomenal. On a recent trip to the cell phone store with my daughter, I inquired about service for the week away, and she said "not for my phone - I'm on vacation!" What an unexpected response. For a generation whose connectedness is often held in the palm of a hand, it was very refreshing to hear that she was not at all interested in having the phone for the week.
We have gone to this same destination for the past several years and have a large group that gather in the same place for the same week. They have become our vacation family and our Thanksgiving dinner is potluck and poolside. Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I make any where from 6 to 8 pumpkin pies....from scratch. Of course the green bean casserole and sweet potatoes round out the side dishes.

So I got to thinking: is it only when we leave our usual routines that we remember to slow down and not move so fast through our days? The challenge is to take the time to really be IN the events of a day so they don't become one big blur. Is it only the one day - Thanksgiving or Christmas Day - that most everyone will carve out time to be with family or friends? Or can it extend to 2 or 3 days or more? A challenge - no doubt - during the rest of the weeks of the year to avoid being tethered to ipads and cell phones. Is it possible to just slow down and enjoy an ordinary day? I've become very spoiled to have an entire week during which my whole family slows down. The experience translates to amazing memories. And that is something for which I am most grateful. My goal is to have more days and weeks of the year when I remember to slow down and not move too fast through the adventures of an ordinary day.
Have a wonderful, and memorable Thanksgiving!

Church School

From Noah's Ark to a Magic Show, we've had some exciting Sunday mornings recently. We have celebrated the Eucharist twice a month in Children's Chapel where we've heard stories of Creation and Noah's Ark.





The children have been practicing the hymn they will sing as they process into the church on Baptism Sunday and they sound great!




All Things Bright and Beautiful

Applications are now available for the 2012-2012 school year. The required form and the registration priorities are available on the website under Children and Youth / All Things Bright and Beautiful Preschool.
We are excited to be wearing our new ATBB t-shirts and sweatshirts. We extend a huge thank you to Kendra Wallace for coordinating the entire effort!
Highlights of our school year this autumn:

  • mild weather has allowed us to spend time in the parks and take a walk to the beach

  • we've been learning all about pumpkins and even saw some in our school garden!

  • many families participated in the pumpkin carving evening on October 27

  • Dr. Derek Nickels showed the children how he plays the church organ and they were fascinated

    Junior Kindergarteners Christopher and Max with Dr. Derek