Youth Musicians

Since our first Sunday back in our full schedule, we've experienced some liturgical and musical changes at the 9:00 liturgy. Some changes might not be that visible, but others are. The 8:00 liturgy remains largely unchanged and the 11:15 liturgy is now enhanced by the full choir, singing of the Psalm and two anthems each week. The 9:00 has undergone some changes to provide more opportunities for contemporary hymnody with the inclusion of the piano. This Steinway piano had been the "choir piano" when Doug Peterson was the Director of Music a few years ago and the Choir Room was in the basement of the church. Our new format for the 9:00 service also allows for more parishioner involvement - especially for our children and youth. Periodically, we might be able to experience the musical offerings of our youth during the Prelude, Offertory, and/or Postlude. I can personally attest to the importance to such an opportunity since my "first" performance outside my parents' living room or my piano teacher's house was in church - at the Offertory. If you know of a gifted young musician who might play an instrument, might sing, or just might be interested in being part of the musical life here at Holy Comforter, let them know that there is an opportunity for them. Talents are certainly God-given gifts, but what good are they if they aren't shared? As the hymn author F. Pratt Green (1903-2000) wrote, "When in our music God is glorified, and adoration leaves no room for pride, it is as though the whole creation cried Alleluia! Let every instrument be tuned for praise! Let all rejoice who have a voice to raise! And may God give us faith to sing always Alleluia!"

Derek Nickels