Church School and Chapel Schedule


8:50-9:05 Morning Prayer Sheets and Chapel Jobs
9:05-9:45 Music and Chapel
9:45-10:45 Snack and Classroom Lesson

Morning Prayer Sheets
Upon entering the classroom children will complete prayer sheets for chapel. The students will no longer begin the day with free play. There are six sheets from which the students can choose to focus their prayer of the day. During chapel a select number of prayer sheets will be shared during the worship time in Chapel.

Chapel Jobs
Every Sunday second and third grade students will be given the option of selecting a chapel job. The jobs are acolyte, music leaders, prayer leaders and pew leaders.

Music and Chapel
Chapel will begin in the music room. After singing the students will process to the chapel. During chapel an adult storyteller will tell the children one Bible story. The second and third grade children will lead Prayers from the Children with the help of the prayer sheets created at the start of church. Following the prayers, the children will have Eucharist every other Sunday.

Bible Lesson
After returning to the classroom the children will have the opportunity to explore a Bible story in more detail.
During the fall:
The Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarteners will be learning about the Kingdom of Heaven.
The first through third graders will explore the story of Noah and the Good Samaritan.
The fourth and fifth graders will learn the story of the Exodus.

Advent and Christmas
All the students will participate in advent and the Christmas pageant.

During the winter the study units will be:
JK/K - Baptism
1-3 - Communion
4-5 - Questions and Creeds

Lent and Easter
During Lent all children will participate in the stories of Holy Week and conclude the season with a Seder celebration.

Faith In Action
In the spring, all of the students will participate in an outreach program as a means of putting into action the gifts and blessings given to us by Christ at Easter.

Participation Program
During the first two weeks of Church School, all of the children will create baptism banners to hang in their classrooms during the year. At the end of each Sunday every child who participated will be allowed to select a button or sticker to add to his/her banner. There will also be special buttons available for consistent attendance and involvement in outside projects.