What's In A Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
William Shakespeare penned those words for Juliet in his famous work. The quote popped into my head the first week of All Things Bright and Beautiful when I was in the three year old classroom. The children have their pictures taken with mom on the first day and as one little girl sat on her mother's lap, Mrs. Chris, camera pointed at the pair, said "are you ready?" The little girl replied without hesitation; "No! I'm Grace!" Well you can't argue with that.

The first week of preschool and Sunday School is all about getting to know each other's names. The questions of are you "ready" or "happy" or "excited" will be answered in the subsequent weeks. It is a challenge for me to know all 148 names of the preschool children, 145 of the Sunday School students, their parents and hopefully their siblings. Sometimes I can recall a pet's name, but that is really taxing the memory bank.

This is not unlike what the participants in the Adult Forum are doing: trying to learn everyone's names. And with everyone making a concerted effort, wouldn't it be great if we could greet everyone with whom we come in contact here by name! We might even ask you: "are you ready?" "Are you present?" "Are you trying?" Hopefully the answers to those questions will be yes, in addition to letting someone know your name.

Sometimes there are obstacles to this process. When working with the children, often times language can be a problem. Children speak softly or without clear articulation. With the older students, it can be their whimsical response. Every year there is someone who responds "Bob" to the name query. I know from the Church's data base that there is no one named Bob in our 4-5-6 group, but there it is - written on the class sign-in sheet. No question, it's a great name - it just isn't anyone's name in this class. With adults, it can be a challenge to model hospitality by reaching out a hand to someone you don't know and say your name. But what better place to try it than here at Holy Comforter?

Final thought: I suspect the next time you hear some say "are you ready?", you will be very tempted to answer with your name because it is a great response! Or at the very least, it'll bring a smile to your face.

Christian Formation Pastor Howe

Pastor Heath celebrated the Eucharist in the Children's Chapel. Her description of "re-membering" was particularly meaningful for the children.

Pastor Howe



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As the Youth Engaged in Stewardship, the students are beginning to identify areas where they can contribute to the well being of individuals in this community. They are also identifying ways they can be better stewards of God's Creation. After reading the account of Creation in the Bible, the students were invited to "create" something with the bag of materials provided; a task they soon realized was not that easy!