Purpose and Values of Stephen Ministry

Our Parish Vision   
The Christian community of Holy Comforter has a vision. It reflects our beliefs, dreams and hopes to be a precious community bound together in love and obedience to God. We seek to be united in one Body by one Spirit.

Stephen Ministry is one way the parish fulfills the Parish Vision- to be a community bound together in love- and to be united in one Body and one Spirit.
It is based on I Peter 2:9 "The priesthood of all believers."

Stephen Ministry is God's love in Action.

Stephen Ministry is a confidential, one-to-one Christian, caring ministry to individuals in the parish and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. The identity of those receiving care and what takes place in each caring relationship remains confidential.

Leadership and Supervision are provided by the clergy and parishioners trained to be Stephen Leaders through a week long Training Course.

Caring is provided by parishioners who have completed 50 hours of Stephen Ministry training.  

Stephen Ministry at Holy Comforter is grounded in the Biblical, Theological and Spiritual Values of Christian Caring.

            We are Committed to Lay Ministry
                       ICor.3: For we are fellow workers for God.

We Offer a Refuge for the Hurting
                     Matthew 25: 31-40 inasmuch as you did it to the least of these who are 
                     members of my family, you did it to me

            Every Christian is a Minister
                     Acts 6:1-6 Among the seven persons appointed was Stephen   
                     full of faith and the Holy Spirit

            We Bear One Another's Burdens
                    Galatians 6:2 Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill 
                    the law of Christ              

Stephen Ministry reports to the Ministry and Mission Commission. The Stephen Leader Team Coordinator reports to the clergy member responsible for the team and ultimately to the rector.