One filled with joy

In my summer reading I came across this quote from Mother Teresa that I just love: "One filled with joy preaches without preaching".  The definition of preach is: 1. to speak in public on religious matters, 2. to give moral or religious advice.  To be around Holy Comforter on Sundays - or for that matter, any day of the week, you will notice so many "filled with joy" who preach according to Mother Teresa's definition. The moral or religious advice would be that participating in a loving caring community such as this one, is restorative and inspirational.  Restorative in that the lessons of the Gospel help keep things in perspective and the clergy offer great anecdotal reflections on how to apply the lessons to everyday life. It's inspirational to be around here and witness the tireless volunteers who sustain all the ministries of this parish; from flower and altar guilds, to Sunday School teachers, to Outreach participants. And with it all comes the opportunity for fun and fellowship!

In the context of what I do, I hope this is the result of my work.  I love what I do and I sincerely hope that the joy I realize in my work is a way for others to witness what it means to preach without preaching. Throughout the summer as various people would ask "did you get any time off" it didn't occur to me that I was in need of time off.  The slower pace over these past few months without the classrooms full during the week and on Sundays was enough of a "break". The full schedule resuming is so exciting and source of joy. For many, summer travels have impacted participation, but with school back in session, the resumption of the full Sunday schedule, I hope a priority will be to come on a regular basis and share in the joy!