Simply Elton

by Fr. Chris Hardman

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart by not coming to our annual parish picnic this year because we don't want an Empty Garden. The winter has been long and dreary and you may want to Burn Down the Mission or you may think you would be Better Off Dead because you have not seen the color of the sky for so long-but I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues.

Say Goodbye Yellow Brick Road because your Greatest Discovery awaits you as we baptize some folks and begin the Circle of Life again. Little Jeannie, Nikita, Daniel, and Levon will be there doing the Crocodile Rock. Bennie and the Jets will be there with Bitter Fingers and Healing Hands. I even Believe the Tiny Dancer will be there too, but she may not dance. She is planning to blast into outer space with the Rocket Man.

You know that Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, but Sunday is for Harmony! We will harmonize all morning with some Sad Songs, some Mellow songs, and especially Your Song. It will be like Philadelphia Freedom for all of us because we won't have to buy a Meal Ticket to eat. We will just need to show up.

So invite your friends; That's What Friends Are For. Have Mercy on the Criminal-invite them too. It is going to be Salvation for all because we have a High Flying Band and All the Nasties Won't be There only us Honky Cats.