Reel Spirituality: Dancing with God

with Chris Hardman

Reel Spirituality VII: Dancing with God continues in March. Our remaining sessions are outlined below. Even if you have missed a session or two you are always welcome. Just let Laurel (847-251-6120) know in the office if you plan to attend.

March 2nd: "The Double Call" God calls us to discover our gifts, talents, and abilities which may lead to a lifelong vocation. God also calls us into a relationship of love. God's unconditional love combined with our faith in that love, forms a vocation, a vocation that empowers us to grow in love. These two calls are usually intertwined. Clips from: Blues Brothers, The Rookie, Field of Dreams, and Pleasantville.

March 9th: "The Double Fall" When we feel separate from God, fear takes over and we seek security at the expense of ourselves and fall into slavery and/or we seek security at the expense of someone else and fall into alienation. These dynamics reflect the two main stories in Hebrew Scripture, the Exodus and the Exile. This resistance to love is seen everywhere and in all times. It is the power of control that, at first glance, seems to enhance our lives, but, in truth, ends up diminishing our lives. Clips from: The Color Purple, Footloose, and Pleasantville.

March 16th: "The Power of Love" raises us to new life together. It is God's unconditional love for us, displayed at the cross, that overcomes our fear so we can transcend alienation and bondage and come into a new relationship with God, each other, and all creation. The unconditional overflowing love of God helps us to see and live in a world of abundance, not scarcity. It helps us care for the world rather than control the world. Clips from: Smoke, Pleasantville, Saturday Night Fever, The Color Purple, Footloose, and Les Miserables.