Reel Spirituality VI: "Let It Go"

by Fr. Chis Hardman 

Our Lenten series this year is focused on learning to "let go." How can we possibly take on something new if we don't let go of the old? And, as Linda Douty puts it: "How can we let go if we don't know we are holding on?"

Reel Spirituality this year will look at four aspects of Franciscan Spirituality that allows us to see how we hold on as well as how we might let go. The purpose of this series is to "fall" into a more generous Christian life.

We will gather at 6:00 pm in the Great Hall for soup and salad. The program will go from 6:30 to 7:30. We hope you will join us.

March 4: Incorporating the Negative: Batman Begins: Letting go of what we fear and deny.

March 11: From Domination to Mutuality in The Piano: letting go of an all masculine world.

March 18: Contemplation and Shirley Valentine: Letting go of the false self and finding the true self.

March 25: A Sacramental Universe and Babette's Feast: Letting go of Jesus and finding the Christ.