Returning, Renewing, Recreating

by The Rev. Dr. Jason Parkin, Rector

New beginnings. New challenges. New opportunities. New rhythms. New traditions.

On the one hand, every September at Holy Comforter follows a very predictable routine. We will return to our full schedule of liturgies and Church School classes on September 8. The Adult Choir will return the same day. We will resume Adult Forum that day, and continue to lay the groundwork for many of the events and ministries that fall in September and October and beyond, such as our revitalized Youth Ministry, the Fall Fellowship Dinner, the Fall Festival, and so on. This will be a September-on the surface, at least-much like any other, recent September.

However, we will experience some new dynamics this fall, as well. We will inaugurate the celebration of the new Sunday afternoon Eucharist on September 8. We will host the exciting Vibrant Faith Ministries workshop. We will have some notable guest preachers and speakers as the months unfold. There will be new Church School emphases, novel adult formation offerings, and fellowship opportunities. Much will be the same as always, and much will be altered, renewed, expanded.

Why not state it simply? Jump in. Connect. Commit. Holy Comforter needs you: needs your energy, your passion, your insights, your dedication, your time, your presence. Perhaps more importantly, we all need each other. This is an era of continued anxiety in our culture and our world, and a period of re-creation at Holy Comforter. In such times in our individual and common lives, we find strength, stimulation, comfort, and challenge in one other. In this frenetic, frequently atomized age, the importance of community and all it contains-interdependence, stability, nourishment, a sense of belonging to something larger and stronger than ourselves, friendship, love-has perhaps never been so important or so needed. What better place to offer your gifts, to enjoy the gifts of others, to be marinated in God's blessed Spirit, than here, in your parish home?

Holy Comforter needs you. We all need each other. And God knows, and we know, that we all need the One who has called us into being, who created and constantly re-creates us, who calls.