Plaques: Memorials/Thanksgivings

Our parish life is blessed by God's grace and the faithfulness of parishioners, past and present.  We celebrate the contributions of many and record with plaques of important history of our life as a faith community. Click on the picture for a larger view.

The Memorial of Honor
Two plaques record the names of the Rectors and Senior Wardens of Holy Comforter who have served our parish.  Beneath these are individual plaques honoring faithful, generous, and courageous people who have enriched our life as a community of faith. 

The Roll of Honor
This plaque commemorates the twelve young men of our parish who died during World War II.  We honor their sacrifice and commitment.


The Centennial Plaque
On the occasion of our Centennial Celebration in 2002 funds were raised to help a struggling parish become vital and self sufficient.  Funds were also used to present the Centennial Gift, the Dove in the narthex, honoring those who established Holy Comforter and the countless folks who have lived out their faith here.  The names of the contributors are listed.

Danforth Hall
Danforth Hall is named in thaksgiving for our fifth rector, The Rev. Canon Leland Hobart Danforth.


Drake Hall
Drake Hall is named in memory of Clara Righter Drake and her daughter, Aimee B. Drake, 1963.




A Renewal and Development Project was undertaken during 1988-1990.  Two years of study and planning occured from 1986-1988 prior to the actual construction.  Listed below are contributors whose gift is memorialized by a plaque .  The parish is grateful for the leadership of many during this time, but especially for Chester F. Teeple, Chair of the Development Project, and Richard L. Joutras, Chair of the Fund-raising Project, which raised 3.5 million dollars to complete the work. We are grateful for all who sacrificed to make this renewal possible.

Click on any plaque listed below for a "slideshow."  Scroll through the pictures and all the enlarged plaques may be found.

The Great Hall
Given jointly by Beverly and Richard Joutras, in thanksgiving for the Holy Comforter family, and Evelyn Chambers, in memory of her husband, Jerry. 




The Church Expansion  
Frank Raymond to the Glory of God


The Cloak Room
Don Lisle in memory of his wife, Ann

 The Parlor Renovation
John and Margaret Stewart


Fire Protection System
Jack and Bette Bono


Operations Manager's Office
Nancy and Bob Murphy

Associate Rector's Office
Norman and Julie Johnson


Associate Rector's Office
Marge Allyn


Rector's Office
John, Heidi, John, and David Mangel


Children's Chapel
Barbara R. Rothrock


Director of Children's and Youth Ministries Office
Robert and Bonnie Myers in thanksgivng for Andrew John Myers and Mark Shaun Myers

Armand and Marilyn Norehad in thanksgivng for The Rev. Robert K. Myers, Ph.D. Rector


The Carillon
The carillon, which provides the Westminister Chimes from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily and plays hymns at noon and 6:00 PM, was given to the parish by Frank B. Foster.

Generous donors have given various classrooms used for our Church School, pre-school, and adult formation.  We thank each of them: Richard & Mary Buenger, Terry & Susan Heath, Robert and Stepheny Houghtlin, Frank & Dorothy Hussey, John & Margaret Stewart, Codor & Harriet Taylor, and Joan Webber.















Chester and Anne Teeple in thanksgiving for God's blessings.



Other plaques were placed about the church facilities from the earliest years.  They are shown here. 

Ella Elliott Burchard



William O. Belt





William F. Wood


Ada Estelle Ketcham