Springtime is a Patchwork Quilt

by Charlotte Long, Youth Ministries

Actually, my whole life is a patchwork quilt.  I have multiple jobs, in the suburbs and in the city; I work with young kids in one, teens in the next and adults in the last.  I lead and teach in one; and follow in another.  Events are planned in excitement and then suddenly pass away, only to have other projects take their place. And together they all make up the beautiful quilt of my life, each square more beautifully stitched than the last. Patchwork. 

For whatever reason, springtime really pulls all the projects in my life to the surface.  They are all popping out of the ground at once, all blooming furiously like the earth around them.  In the spring, I am excited.  In the spring, everything is being born again.  And our church life is no exception.

That's why this newsletter is also a Patchwork of sorts! There's too much to tell!

Just look above the stunning picture! That's all our High School Youth Group (and the Youth Group of Christ Church and St. Gregory's and St. Augustine's and many others) all worshipping together in OUR very own sanctuary! And with a service that OUR Youth Group put together! All I can say is: wow.

The group of North Shore Youth Ministers that "produced" this event with me is called Better Together.  We will be having more events for our teens and tweens in the upcoming year.  Be on the look out.

Confirmation is coming up! On May 10th, to be exact.  The bishop will be here and everyone will be wearing fancy clothes and we will lay our hands on the heads of those children and bless them! It is an extraordinary sacrament and one of my favorites in all of church life.  Be sure to come and greet the new adults of the church.

We know where our Youth Group service trip will be! This year, Appalachian Service Project is sending us to Wise County, Virginia.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  May is the month of trip prep.  We will be getting ready every Sunday at Youth Group: praying, planning, learning to use tools, learning about the community, and finding out where the nearest DQ is.  Please keep us in your prayers.

That's all for now - time to jump back into the fray!

Peace - Charlotte