Parish Community Service Project


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Who is Good News Partners?

Good News Partners began in 1976 as Rogers Park youth and other interested members of our community focused on a better future. Together, they learned about the struggles of poverty and racism, and about courage and resilience. They realized that for youth to thrive, their entire community needed to be a place of support and resource and they began then to seek ways to make hope tangible. In 1980, Good News incorporated as a separate 501(c)3 with the purchase of the Jonquil Hotel, once a haven for drugs, prostitution, and gangs. Since then they have rehabbed hundreds of units of housing, established shelter, rental housing, homeownership cooperatives, jobs and tutoring, and youth programs.

Throughout its history, Good News Partners' mission has remained constant: to create safe, affordable and reliable housing and support building confidence and community simultaneously. Good News Partners is a faith-based community organization that strives to bring about conditions in which hope, justice, responsibility, and reconciliation flourish in Chicago's East Rogers Park North of Howard neighborhood. GNP provides affordable housing for otherwise homeless families with a step-by-step transition from interim housing to independent living. Our housing options include:

  • New Life Interim Housing, a 32-bed shelter for otherwise homeless women and their children;
  • a large single room occupancy (SRO), the Jonquil, accommodating 58 families;
  • 2nd stage and GNP subsidized rental housing;
  • 60 units of co-operative housing affordable for families with low and very low income.

In addition Good News Partners has created programs to support our children and our youth to grow in their social, academic and personal capability. Together, the GNP community works to create an empowering nurturing environment so positive changes in education and family dynamics can take place in the lives of the children and their parents.

What is the project?

Although Good News Partners has its own maintenance crew, there are many projects that need special attention due to the amount of labor entailed or lack of funding for supplies.  Our parish assists with these projects, providing financial support, all materials and supplies, and most importantly the gift of our time and talents.  Projects include painting, relocating residents, landscaping, and cleaning of apartments, occupied and unoccupied. 

This year's project will be held on Saturday, November 12, from 9:00am-4:00pm.  Volunteers are of all ages and differing backgrounds and skill levels, but with hearts in one place - to serve the greater community and foster justice and respect for all human beings.

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For more information, please contact Patti Pateros, Director of Community Building.