Annual Outreach Distribution

In addition to our volunteer commitments, the parish believes in direct charitable donations to selected organizations.  The money raised is overseen by the Outreach Ministry of the Vestry and distributed annually to a series of deserving organizations.

The Outreach Ministry distributed funds to organizations based on the Millennium Development Goals and the needs and relationships with the requesting agencies. The following is the list of agencies who benefitted from Church of the Holy Comforter's 2011 Outreach Distribution.

•  Bishop Anderson House $3,000
•  Cathedral Shelter $4,000
•  Connections for the Homeless $10,000
•  A Just Harvest (formerly Good News Soup Kitchen) $10,000
•  Good News Partners $10,000
•  Good News Saturday Morning $500
•  Lawrence Hall Youth Services $2,000
•  Messiah St. Bartholomew  $600
•  Primo Center for Women & Children $3,000
•  Holy Family Ministries (formerly St. Gregory's Episcopal School) $5,000
•  St. Leonard's Ministries $3,000
•  Father Ikeyne's African Ministry $2,000
•  Global Alliance for Africa $5,424
•  Fabretto Children's Foundation MDG Impact Project  $15,000

As we all struggle during this economic situation, we are grateful that we are able to provide financial support to those who need it the most.