Our Parish

Holy Comforter is an Episcopal Church.  We are part of Christ's One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  As Episcopalians we are organized into parishes, each in union with our Bishop.  We participate in the larger Church through the Diocese of Chicago.  Our Clergy and laity are involved in the diocesan ministry, and we annually share at least 20% of our parish budget for the work of the national and diocesan Church. 

Holy Comforter is a Eucharistic-centered parish where the Holy Eucharist is celebrated each day.  Our ministry begins daily at the altar.  Our liturgy reflects the practices and theology contained in The Book of Common Prayer.

We have 1000 parishioners, most of whom live in Kenilworth, Winnetka, or Wilmette.  We also welcome a number of communicants who live in Evanston, Northbrook, Glenview and other areas who gladly accept the short commute to the church from their homes.  Our parish rolls list those who attend Church and support the Church's ministry through an annual pledge.

About 80% of the parish attends Church as a family, 20% as individuals.  Lay participation is energetic and includes a wide range of activities.  Many people are drawn to our parish by our Church School and Adult Education programs.  Most are drawn by the strong sense of community which permeates all aspects of our life together.

Outreach comprises approximately 25% of our annual budget.  All outreach giving is reviewed by the Parish Outreach Committee.  The Vestry makes all decisions about giving outside the parish, and all giving is approved by the Rector.  Life in the parish is meant to enrich us and to care about others.

We believe that building Christian community is an ongoing process, which deepens commitment and strengthens faith.  Our hope is to become ever more faithful to our Lord's command to love one another.

This we seek to accomplish by welcoming new members warmly, ministering faithfully to the parish, especially to the sick, bereaved, shut-in, and others, educating both our adults and children, working together to spread the kingdom of God, and worshipping together as a Christian family.