One Thing Leads To Another

As the saying goes; "one thing led to another". In a Google search of quotes about friendship, I came across several I really like. One in particular led me to a search of the individual credited with the quote. I spent the next 20 minutes reading a little bit about Conrad Aiken, the Pulitzer Prize winning author and Poet Laureate of the United States. He was born in Savannah Georgia and is buried there but had a fascinating life beyond the confines of Savannah before his death in 1973. His request was that his tombstone would be a bench so that visitors, in his words, could come and sit and enjoy a martini at his grave. The inscription reads: "Give my love to the world". The quote of Conrad Aiken that caught my attention is: "Music I heard with you was more than music. Bread I broke with you was more than bread."

The search for a quote on friendship is relevant as we bring another school year to a close. The children in All Things Bright and Beautiful and Church School have created strong bonds of friendship. Memories made through shared experiences will remain with these students. When you share joy, love, and laughter and experience the fellowship in a meal, whether snack time at ATB and B or the Eucharist in Children's Chapel, the result is friendship.

"Music I heard with you was more than music." Each school day and each Sunday in Chapel began with the "Good Morning God" song when we declared "I am Your child, show me Your way". Sitting on the floor listening to the auto harp or the guitar to learn the songs was more than music. We learned through standing up and doing all the motions to "The B.I.B.L.E." and "This Little Light of Mine" how to make good choices. It was more than music when we sang "I Am The Church" in Children's Chapel. We say that the church is not a building and the church is not a steeple. The church is a People. And in all that we say and do, the students come to know that in a most profound way.

"When I broke bread with you it was more than bread". It was sitting next to the Friend of the Week in Jr. Kindergarten.  It was all of our classes, Mommy and Me included, waiting until everyone was served to say grace that concludes with a resounding AMEN! Then we eat the snack. Celebrating the Eucharist in Children's Chapel was a favorite time on Sunday mornings. It was about the sense of community and connection and compassion that made it more than bread.

These are the memories.   How long they will be retained in great detail in these marvelous youthful brains no one can predict. But it's the "more than" piece of the Aiken quote that will prevail. It is a foundation. A scaffold of friendship that will spill over into other opportunities and experiences for these children.   This brings me back to my original thought;  one thing leads to another.

Other quotes about Friendship that I liked:
"The difficulty is not so great to die for a friend, as to find a friend worth dying for." Homer
"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them." Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Never exaggerate your faults. Your friends will tend to that."  Robert C. Edwards
"It's so much more friendly with two." Piglet
"A friend is one before whom I may think aloud."  Ralph Waldo Emerson
...and my favorite......
"Promise you won't forget me, because if I thought you would, I'd never leave."          Winnie-the-Pooh