October Adult Forum

Posted: 9/30/2015

by Chris Hardman 

God is Love: Creating, Sustaining, and Uniting is our programmatic theme this year and it is well represented this month. We begin with An Instructed Eucharist at the 9:00 am service on October 4th. The self-offering love of God is at the center of our worship service calling us together and forming us into Christ's Body. This Instructed service will enlighten people with some of the historical background and theology behind the different parts of the Eucharist. Following the service, our adult forum will allow some time to share what we have learned. On the 11th, the Adult Forum will lead us into an even deeper understanding of the Eucharist. This month will be an excellent opportunity to enrich and renew your faith. Please join us.

October 4th: Discussion of our Instructed Eucharist

October 11th: In-depth discussion of the Eucharist

October 18th: Susan Rex presents on Restorative Justice, as practiced in Evanston. Restorative Justice assumes a "communion of persons," thus, is not about separating from the group those who have broken the rules, but about restoring them to the group! Communal love is the key.

October 25th:   Vincent and Susanne Donoghue will speak on Fair Trade. What is it? How does it work? They will also have some fair trade items for sale in the Great Hall.