Our Best Tradition

As we look ahead a few weeks to our closing John Mangel
celebration on May 26th, we recall another year filled with great traditions. The classroom parties that celebrate all the holidays include: the Thanksgiving feast with the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, the wonderful Christmas parities where the two year olds make Baby Jesus dolls, the three year olds decorate Ginger Bread houses and Junior Kindergarteners sing for their families, and most recently, the Easter Egg hunts. Another fun tradition is the Junior Kindergarten field trip to Long Grove Confectionary. The Junior Kindergarteners also go to the Eighth Grade play at Joseph Sears School each spring. This year we will see Willy Wonka that features the choreography of Mrs. Anne and includes as cast members Mrs. Anne's daughter and the older sibling of one of our JKers.   

May 5th will be the traditional visit from the Winnetka Fire Department and the Kenilworth Police Department. The children are invited to squirt the big fire hose, climb aboard the fire truck, and sit in the back seat of the squad car.  Both departments conduct a safety lesson so it's not only FUN, it is very valuable as welll.

The moms will tell you that one of our best traditions is the memory book that each child receives at the close of the school year. The presentation is a little different between all the classes but they all accomplish the same thing. They are such a profound summary of a wonderful year of growth for each child.

CarsonWe have a tradition in the three years old classes of celebrating the Angel of the Day. At the end of one child's Angel of the Day this spring, the student turned to his mom and said he didn't want the day to end. He said he really loved his school and when the mom asked him why he replied; "....because they really love me here." This is my favorite tradition. A tradition of unconditional love, where each child is celebrated and experiences the joyful, compassionate heart of God as shown to them by an amazing staff!