So Long, Farewell

by Mary Johnson, Children's Ministries and Director of ATB&B

What a wonderful year of GROWTH! Our preschool has grown in size, the children have grown spiritually, physically and emotionally, and our school families have grown, too. In my Wednesday Mommy and Me class, one mom had a baby in April and four more are due in the next two months! There is so much for all of the Mothers to celebrate this month and we congratulate all the new additions to the ATB&B Family!                                                                                       HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Our year-end celebration for our Junior Kindergarteners will take place on May 26th. The celebration will begin in the church at 6:30pm followed by a reception in the Great Hall. We will say goodbye to 11 families whose youngest or only child is in Junior Kindergarten. For some of the JKers, as they are called, this will mark the end of their third year at the school. It will be hard to say good-bye, but we know they will do very well in their school next year, confident in the strong foundation provided by their pre-school experience at All Things Bright and Beautiful. I am so grateful for the amazing staff of All Things Bright and Beautiful! When asked what distinguishes this school from all others on the North Shore, my immediate response is "the staff." This is the most loving, nurturing, engaged staff of preschool teachers you'll find anywhere. Period!

 Pastor Heath, Mrs. Anna, Bill Gordon and I have had a joy-filled year in our Sunday morning Children's Chapel time. The insightful observations by the children as we share the Godly Play stories have left us awe-struck on numerous occasions. We are grateful for the parents who have volunteered their time to assist on Sunday mornings and for the clergy who come to Chapel to celebrate the Holy Eucharist.