In Celebration of the ATB&B Ministry

by Mary Johnson,  Director of Children's Ministries and All Things Bright & Beautiful

In the spring of 2000, Barbara Haljun suggested that I come talk to the folks at Holy Comforter about the director's position for the preschool, All Things Bright and Beautiful. I assured her I was not qualified, but she insisted I should talk to them anyway. I remember being in the visitors waiting room that is now Jill's office. Elizabeth Butler and Jane Coley were there and I think one other person. Bob Myers was on sabbatical and not present for the interview. I recall saying that while there was probably not much on paper that indicated I should be hired, I did say before the interview ended, "if you ask me if I can do the job, my answer would be yes." Taking a huge leap of faith, Holy Comforter hired me as the third director of this
amazing ministry of the parish.A proud Barrett and Devlin Family celebrating with Bo and the conclusion of his JK year

So many families have come through these doors, and the children's lives as well as the lives of their parents have benefited from this loving, caring community. In times of great joy and in times of sorrow, families have found love and support from the ATB&B family. Several years ago, one mother called to tell me that it was her children who were in this school who were comforting her when the grandmother died right before Christmas. As her son comforted her, he said, "Don't cry mommy, Great Granny is going to have the best Christmas ever - in heaven with God and all the Angels!" The mother assured me that those words of comfort could only be attributed to the Christian formation he received in All Things Bright and Beautiful. In the true spirit of the Easter story, the child did then ask his mom if "Great Granny was going to come back at Easter?" So even the little preschoolers love the fact that we are Easter People!

On April 17th, we will celebrate 20 Years of All Things Bright and Beautiful. I cherish the memories of all the families I have had the privilege to get to know and love over these 15 years and look forward to all the new families I have yet to meet. I hope to see many of you on April 17th as we celebrate All Things Bright and Beautiful at our Bright & Beautiful Bash!