It's Summer and the Givin's Easy!

by Marc Franson, Stewardship


It's summer! For some, it means vacation, relaxation, a break from the routine. The days are long and we enjoy outdoor venues for concerts, dining and even our worship. Holy Comforter remains vibrant and active during the summer. The outdoor Eucharists bring us close to nature and to our Lord. The work of the church goes on. Our doors remain open all the time. Unfortunately, during the summer months, pledge payments usually take a vacation too, a break from the routine. But as our work continues, our expenses continue as well. Which means that we need everyone to pay attention to summertime giving so that we do not fall behind. If you are going to be away, remember the parish before you go. Try paying your pledge ahead. When you attend church, remember the importance of stewardship at the offertory. The parish website has a link to pay your pledge by credit or debit card so you can earn some of those miles for your vacation as you uphold your commitment to the work of Christ in this community. So you can make good on your pledge any time, from any computer with any payment card. It is summertime. Remember to keep current on your pledge. Indeed, the giving is easy!