Fall in to Stewardship

by Marc Franson, Canvass Co-Chair

The summer is fleeting. For many, it brought a time of rest and vacation, a visit to new or special places, reuniting with family and friends and maybe even a slower pace. But fall is upon us. School is back in session. The daily grind returns. And, with it, a full complement of activities at Holy Comforter. Worship, formation, fellowship, outreach and so much more. And we can't forget stewardship. The start of the fall flurry of events is a good time to re-engage in the life of the church and re-commit our time and talents to the many opportunities that present themselves.

To make this all work of course also requires attention to the other aspect of stewardship: sharing our treasures. As you reflect on a summer that has likely contained blessings and look forward to yet new things that God has in store for us, fall is also the time to remember that all of our blessings ask us to be good stewards and return a portion to God who provides us with those blessings. This time of re-energizing also recalls that all of what the church does IS dependent on your financial faithfulness and generosity.

You can fall into stewardship this fall. First, stay current with your pledge and giving. If you fell behind during the summer, make it up now! If you used up some of those frequent flier miles, remember that you can earn some of those back by paying your pledge with a credit card. See the parish website and remember to add a little more to cover the processing costs that the church pays to offer this convenience. Also consider giving appreciated stock to satisfy your pledge. It is a great way to benefit the church and avoid tax on the appreciation while getting a full deduction. Second, consider even more generosity. If you were really blessed this summer, give a little bit more back. You can always give more than your pledged amount! Third, think ahead. Shortly, we will be looking forward to the next calendar year, and asking for your continued support of the parish by making a pledge for 2017 -one that will reflect a commitment to the work of Christ in this place and one that will serve as another step on your own spiritual journey. We tend to ask God for a lot of things. In return, God asks us to be good stewards. There is a place for your time, talent and treasure at Holy Comforter.

It's time to fall into stewardship!