by Marc Franson, Stewardship and Canvass

September. Fall. Back to School. Vacation's over. Cooler Weather. Reality has set in! For Holy Comforter, it also means time to refocus on our stewardship theme of Reality, Spirituality and Community.

The reality is that the church must pay its bills, fund its program, pay staff and maintain the physical plant. The reality also is that the parish budget is reliant on the generosity of our members to meet our financial needs. Thank you to those who have remained faithful to their pledge during the summer months! To all, we encourage your prompt fulfillment of your pledge.

From a stewardship perspective, as our every member canvass draws closer, we will provide you with more information about our parish finances and will respond to your questions. But for starters, a couple of things to ponder:

  1. Like many churches, a small number of pledging units funds a large proportion of the budget- each of us needs to consider our giving and how we can keep our community vibrant.
  2. Ignore the natural tendency to "do the same as last year."
  3. Treat stewardship as a spiritual matter- giving back in gratitude to a generous God who has provided us with so much.

At canvass time, we always hear the rumblings that the church is always asking for money. Not so. There is never any admission charge to liturgies of poignant homilies, exquisite music and cheerful fellowship. Our doors are always open. Our clergy minister at all hours. In fact, the only time we really ask for money is at canvass time --when we ask you to pledge yourself, your time and your treasures to the service of Almighty God and the community we call Holy Comforter.

Reality is back. Fall is here. Canvass is coming. Consider your offering and commitment to Christ's kingdom, this community and your own soul.