Powerball Frenzy

by Marc Franson, Stewardship and Canvass

Just a few short days ago the country was mesmerized with Powerball and the possibility of winning $1.5 billion! People lined up to buy tickets. Non-players played just to get a possible shot at winning. Millions dreamed of what they would do with their winning. And every ticket holder wanted to win. Some of us even prayed to win.

What did you dream about when fantasizing about winning the lottery? How would you spend your winnings? Was giving a portion back to God part of the plan?

A fellow parishioner passed me in the church hall on the day of the lottery drawing and told me that his pledge to Holy Comforter would be raised if he won the lotto. Although amused at the comment, it got me to thinking and wondering. How many of us in planning our lavish winnings set a place at the table to give the Lord a piece of the action? And even if we did, would we consider the tithe -- 10%? It would of course help trim down the tax bill.

But just think about what that tithe would do. $150 million would support a lot of ministries, feed quite a few hungry folks, and spread the Gospel far and wide. Had any of us won, what would have been our response? Would we consider this as a gift from God? Would we in thanksgiving give back to the Lord? Would it be a tithe? Or would we grab it for ourselves, hold on to it and not willingly want to share the blessing reaped upon us?

Well, none of us won. But the questions still linger. We may not have an extra $1.5 billion hanging around, but most of us are not in financial want and many of us are financially blessed. So with what we have been given by God, how are we responding? Are we giving the work of the church its fair share with what we have been given? That is part of our spiritual journey and being accountable to our God.

The chance to win the lotto seem to excite just about everyone, even when those chances are not very good. But look around this sacred place we call Holy Comforter. We find spiritual nourishment available every day, a caring community full of education, fellowship and outreach. And the gift of eternal life. Those seem like much better odds. A better place to put our trust and our treasure. It is a sure bet.