Is CHC a Good Steward?

by Marc Franson, Stewardship and Canvass

Church of the Holy Comforter asks each of us to be good stewards. So if CHC asks this of us, it is fair to ask back: Do we practice what we preach? Is CHC a good steward? I looked at this from the perspective of our recent canvass theme: Reality, Spirituality and Community.

The REALITY is that CHC is a good steward! As a practical matter, I know from serving on the Vestry that the Vestry wisely deliberates about how funds are allocated and used. The "reality" is that the funds you pledge to CHC are in good hands -- hands that seek to make them go as far as they can.

As a parish we too express our SPIRITUALITY by what we give as a parish. CHC makes a pledge to the Diocese of Chicago that supports the work of the larger church. It is not a tax, it is not an assessment, but it is our expression of giving to the work of Christ. Our gift helps mission parishes, assists those in need and works to proclaim the Good News beyond ourselves --and to places where it needs to be heard and in support of ministries that need assistance.

CHC strives to be an active supporter of COMMUNITY. Our Easter and Christmas offerings go to outreach, as did part of the proceeds raised in the All Things Bright and Beautiful benefit. A part of the budget is targeted for outreach. We seek to help those in need in our community be it the monthly soup kitchen we minister to or the many worthy organizations that we support.

When we add it all up, the gifts that we make beyond our own parish make CHC a tither! We do put our money where our mouth is. And we do it responsibly and in the name of and for the work of our Lord. So when the Vestry comes to the parish and asks each one of us to be good stewards, remember that the example has been set and collectively, as a parish, we are asking nothing more than what we do as a parish: to be a good steward.

We judiciously work to make the most of what our members provide. We proclaim our faith by supporting the larger church. We extend our hand to help those in need.

Be proud that CHC is a good steward, using the gifts it is given for the greater glory of God, and be generous in support of the work we do for others. And follow the example of being a good steward! For in giving, we each receive blessings.