Love Is In The Air

As I sat down to write this February article, of course the principal theme that comes to mind for February is LOVE. Which of course leads to a song about love and the first one that came to mind is "Love is in the Air." This song by John Paul Young first hit the charts in 1978 and I have such vivid memories of it playing everywhere in Mexico when Cary and I spent a week there on vacation when it was popular. It really was the only song every restaurant, bar and band was playing everywhere we went. It got to the point that it made us laugh out loud every time we heard it.

So fast forward to 2012 and not only is the song not being played, but I question whether the lyrics are even pertinent to today: "Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. Love is in the air, every sight and every sound." Considering the current political climate and the barrage of negative ads generated for primaries throughout the country, I can only imagine how bad it will be by the time it gets to Illinois next month. In an effort to stay informed (and feed my news junkie obsession) I do try and watch the debates. But as they evolve into caustic exchanges and we wait for the analysts to declare a winner, I have to wonder: is anyone winning?

When Pastor Heath was talking to the Junior Kindergarteners and the discussion was about loving one another, Pastor Heath asked the children how do we do that when it is not always easy to love some people. One child stated quite simply and as a matter of fact that "you just love with all the love in your heart that God gave you." As Heath and I talked about it, she helped me realize that even with my strong political bent, I still can acknowledge that those with whom I disagree are a child of God and therefore worthy of love.

So that is my goal, for this month and beyond. To love with all the love in my heart that God gave me, even when it isn't so easy. Maybe I'll just have to mentally transport myself sometimes to that week in Mexico, think of the song, and laugh. Laughter is always good for the soul.