Lori's Lessons:

What Parkinson's Teaches About Life and Love

Lori's LessonsMany in the parish are aware that our beloved Lori Patin was diagnosed with Parkinson's over 15 years ago. Not as many, however, know that a book has been published chronicling Lori's journey with the disease. The book, authored by Carol Ferring Shepley, is titled Lori's Lessons: What Parkinson's Teaches About Life and Love, and it was issued late last fall.

This memoir, however, is about much more than Lori's struggle against Parkinson's. It is also the story of someone who has faced a terrible challenge, met it head on, and refused to concede. In the struggle, Lori has learned vital lessons about life itself, and the book profiles not only her experiences, but also the support and love she has received from her husband, Bob, their daughters and daughters' families, and several members of Holy Comforter, including Tom and Judy Hamilton, Tom and Anne Heynen, Linda Hilton, and Fr. Bob Myers, all of whom are interviewed extensively in the volume.

Lori's Lessons is, stated plainly, a beautiful and inspiring book that is, ultimately, a love story: a story about the love Bob and Lori share; about the love of their family and friends and faith community; about the love of God for Lori, and about Lori's love of God. The book is also a poignant testimony to the power of faith and hope, which are, according to the Patins, the most potent "drugs" Lori has taken during these past many years.

On Sunday afternoon, May 4, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., Bob, Lori, and author Carol Shepley will be present at a book signing at The Bookstall at Chestnut Court in Winnetka. I cannot urge you strongly enough to buy a copy of the book-especially if you or someone you know is wrestling with a challenging fight of any sort-and to attend the book signing. You will find your own faith and hope stimulated and nourished.

Fr. Jason