Blessed Lenten Season to you,

We have begun, once again, another Lenten journey. Some of you have told me that Lent is your favorite season in the Church, as it really has become a time for reflecting, cleansing, strengthening, and preparing for the glorious new life given to all at Easter. Others have told me you don't quite know what to do with this season, as it seems like a time of feeling guilty, negative, or ill-prepared to live as an Easter Person. Others land somewhere in between these two poles. Wherever you find yourself this Lent, don't limit your dedication to spiritual health and fitness to Sunday morning worship alone. Try practicing your faith at home as you pray with your family. Try reading a reflection or prayer as you ride the train or the airplane to work. Try listening to the steady beat of your own heart as you awaken each morning or go to bed each night. Try saying a prayer for those you love as you run, swim, or spin, or any other spiritual practice you find helpful and fulfilling at this time.

If you would like ideas or "food for thought," please consider the following three links. They are three of my favorite places to turn to when I am looking for a way to build spiritual strength, flexibility, and endurance as I live my faith day by day.

Lenten blessings, Pastor Heath

1. For a thought of the day or short homily, go to The Society of St John the Evangelist and read Brother Give Me the Word.

2. For theological reflection and a deep spiritual stretch go Center for Action and Contemplation.

3. For household activities, prayer and service ideas go to

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