Special Thank You to Youth Liturgists

Now that we are about to enter the summer worship schedule, our youth liturgical ministers will be taking a rest from serving at and near the altar. As all know, during the program year, young people serve as crucifers, acolytes, lectors, intercessors, videographers, and greeters, and without their service our 9:00 Eucharist would simply not take place. On behalf of the entire parish, our deepest thanks to these young people who served so faithfully all year, and enhanced our worship of God.

We are also deeply indebted to Gregg Anderson and Alec Dike, our acolyte wardens, for their leadership, support, and guidance of the youth liturgists. Thank you, gentlemen, for all you have done during this past year. May God continue to bless all of these people who enrich our common life and worship!

Hazard Bahr
Wiley Bahr
Bo Barrett
Lauren Barrett
Edie Browne
Clara Beatty
Bo Barrett
Allie Bunge
Jack Bunge
Abbott Butler
Wallace Butler
Sarah Carlson
Leah Caywood
Sarah Caywood
Scott Citari
Eli Civetta
Sophie Civetta
Ted Cornejo
Cameron Dike
Jenna Dike
Tess Fallon
Charlie Fargo
Kerry Fraleigh
Julia Green
Sam Green
Jennifer Hall
Chris Harlan
Dylan Harlan
Will Hedley
Trey Hunt
Adelaide Jenkins
Theo Jerva
Betsy Kenyon
Nate Koh
Grace Mangel
Jack Mangel
Nick Mangel
Quinn McClamroch
Malcolm McDonough
Addie Newsome
Archer Newsome
Maggie Newsome
Hilton Prewitt
Charlie Quigley
Carynn Randolph
Charlie Randolph
Ryan Schultz
Henry Shaw
Gram Swift
Sheridan Tyson
Samantha Wert
Jack Wilkin
Mackenzie Wilkin
Maddie Wilkin
George Wise
Ginny Wise
Chloe Ziomek