Pathways for A Lenten Journey

Each pathway offers a different approach to, and experience of, one's journey through Lent; the destination for all, however, is the same.  We invite you to choose the best path for your journey, or take the time to travel them all. 

REFLECT: A Contemplative Journey for those seeking a quiet meditation
Wholeness   Love    Hope   Gratitude     Justice     Simplicity

RESPOND: A Mass Media Journey using music and film
[All movies are available on demand at most video rental sites]
Wholeness    Love    Hope   Gratitude   Justice   Simplicity

RELATE: A Hands-On Journey especially for families with young children
Wholeness   Love   Hope   Gratitude   Justice   Simplicity

Lent VI: Wholeness

Lent V: Love>>>

Lent IV: Hope>>>

Lent III Message: Gratitude>>>

Lent II Message: Justice>>>

Lent I Message: Simplicity>>>

Ash Wednesday Message>>>