Journeying Through Grief

Stephen Ministers provide an outreach to the Bereaved, in addition to over 400 hours of care to Care Receivers in need.

People often receive a lot of care and attention immediately after a loved one dies, but within a few weeks the cards, letters, visits, and phone calls taper off. Just when the reality of the loss is beginning to sink in, grieving people often find themselves feeling very alone and forgotten.

Journeying through Grief provides a simple, meaningful way to reach out to the grieving person throughout that difficult year. These books provide valuable and timely information to help the person better understand what he or she is going through, and the multiple contacts help the person feel valued and remembered all year long.

There are four booklets, sent at four times during the first year after a loved one has died.

Book 1: A Time to Grieve, three weeks after the loss

Book 2: Experiencing Grief, three months after the loss

Book 3: Finding Hope and Healing, six months after the loss

Book 4: Rebuilding and Remembering, eleven months after the loss, near the one-year anniversary

Each of the four booklets focuses on the feelings and issues the person is likely to be experiencing at that point in his or her grief.

In 2014, over 35 parishioners received the series Journeying through Grief booklets. Here's what two of our own had to say about the series.

"How kind and thoughtful you are to reach out and provide comfort and a very helpful book to me during this rather stressful and emotionally draining time."
                                                        Grieving daughter

"Dear Stephen Ministry, dear church- thank you for your thoughtful note and for the book. It is a good book for me-very well written and very comforting."
                                                         Grieving spouse

If you'd like information about the Journeying through Grief booklets, please contact Carrie Smart, at 847/501-3954.