Wednesday Adult Class-Lenten Program-New Movie Group

By Chris Hardman

In our Wednesday adult class this fall, we deepened our understanding of God as three "persons" in One Love. As we did so, we began to discern five basic concepts of a Trinitarian Spirituality that we would like to share with others. This initial sharing will take place in our Lenten program starting in February. In that Reel Spirituality series we will introduce thoem five basic concepts and illustrate those using movies. This will give us all a better understanding of God and how God works in our lives. It will also provide a Christian basis for understanding movies, that is, life.

We will then use these concepts in a new "movie group" that we will form here at Holy Comforter.  This group will meet throughout the year using at least three different meeting models. We will go to see a movie together and then discuss the movie afterwards at a local restaurant. Or, we will schedule a time for people to go to a movie together and then discuss the movie at a later date. This would give people who can't go an opportunity to see the movie at some other time, but still discuss the movie with us. Or, we will show an older movie at church and then discuss it together over pizza. Our plan is to meet every couple of months using one of the above plans or some other plan that we haven't thought of yet. We will discuss this further at our first session of Reel Spirituality on Wednesday, February 17th.

Beginning January 13th, the Wednesday Adult Class will begin to focus on the Bible, specifically the Gospels of Matthew and John.  Does a deepening understanding of God as a relationship of unconditional self-offering love change the way we understand Jesus and what he said and did?  That is the question we will continually ask during our sessions this winter.  First, we will look at Jesus' proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew's Gospel. We will take a look at Matthew's understanding of "household," and Jesus' use of parables.  Next, we'll examine the mystical aspects of John's Gospel with a focus on those events that take place in Holy Week. This should be an excellent preparation for Easter. 

This Wednesday class is open to anyone. But, since not everyone can meet on Wednesday mornings at 9:45 am, we do hope you will consider Wednesday nights in Lent with our Reel Spirituality Series.  Then, if you are so moved, continue with us with our "Movie Group."