"I Hope You Dance"

There are so many lessons each day in the classrooms around this community, this city, this country. Most often we think of lessons as the academic type: math science, social studies, language. But there are so very many more lessons that as we get older, I think we all too often dismiss; the art of conversation, sharing a good laugh with someone, taking the time to get involved in a neighborhood, school or community event. Being present - not just sitting it out to let the "other guy" do it.....whatever "it" is.

Entering this time of Lent, typically the lesson is to identify what you give up during this Holy season. I would suggest that instead of the accent on "not doing" something, what about recognizing the opportunities to do something. There are so many opportunities to be a part of this caring community; the Parish Pancake Supper on March 8th, the Blues Mass March 13th, the Lenten Series in the Adult Forum begins March 20th. Every Sunday we gather in the Children's Chapel upstairs where you are most welcome to join us. Come be present on Sunday mornings. Come share a story or an adventure you have had with the children of All Things Bright and Fr. Myers dancing with GeorgeBeautiful. What a wonderful gift to yourself and to your families to come and "do" rather than abstain.

I hope you will take inspiration from this photo that was taken on Fr. Myers last day in the children's chapel. And as the song says: "when you get the choice to sit it out or dance: I hope you dance".

As we welcome Fr. Parkin here, some things may look and sound different in the months to come, some things will be the same, but the one true constant is God's love that binds us all.
Come dance with us!

Mary Johnson