Flower Ministry

Flower Ministry's 20th Anniversary 

One of Holy Comforter's glorious traditions started with a simple question, "Can we do this ourselves?" In the early 1990's, while Fr. Parkin was an Associate, Nancy Liedecker and Joan Dodson attended a flower workshop put on by Missy McClain, wife of the former Rector of Christ Church. Missy, who had trained at the National Cathedral, encouraged the women of Holy Comforter to take on this ministry themselves, not just ordering flowers from a florist. Barbara Devlin, a professional arranger, agreed to help Nancy get this ministry going, even doing much of the arranging herself. As the Guild began grow, the women gained confidence. As Nancy Lidecker said, "it's so much fun and a wonderful way to meet people. It just makes you feel good. When you are in a church and you love it, you want to be a part of it. This is something that's satisfying, you can really say,'I did it.'"

The Flower Guild, now called the Flower Ministry, has had many talented and creative directors and members over the years. Some members came with a lot of previous skill through work in their garden clubs, while other new members learned "on-the-job," mentored by the directors and others with greater skill. Barbara Devlin, who took the major role at Christmas and Easter until two years ago, has given several workshops along with other Guild Directors. She said "the work of the women of the Guild now is fabulous." While Fr. Myers, who encouraged this ministry, always reminded the women that "the flowers were given to the glory of God," they came to learn that through this ministry they not only served the church, but also gained knowledge - and friendships!