Everything Old Is New Again

Maybe it's the word "old" that keeps coming to mind after a rather significant number on a recent birthday. So as my thoughts always do, I went strait to a song. The one that came to mind first was "Everything Old Is New Again". When I checked to see in which Broadway show the song premiered (certain it was from a Broadway show), I was surprised to find it was written by Peter Allen of the Allen Brothers recording duo and not part of a Broadway score. It is included on the 1974 "Continental American" Album.

Because there are so many applications to the "everything old is new again" phrase, I'll only share a few that come to mind. There seems to be more and more frequent conversations with friends who have new knees, hips, feet, hands, or some other part of the anatomy so something old is new again. There is always the conversation about which is the best new revival on Broadway. The newest revivals to open are Evita and Jesus Christ Super Star. Again, the word "old" jumps to the surface. I clearly remember the emotional impact on seeing these two shows the first time in the 1970's. Now they are revivals!

The change of seasons conveys newness. It has been such an early spring where everything old has begun anew in the buds on the trees and the fragrant blossoming plants. It's the type of weather I always associate with Easter, but it doesn't always work out that way. There have been many a snowy Easter morning in this fickle Midwest climate. However the sentiment of newness is a perennial response to the Easter liturgy. The Alleluia was "buried" in the under croft by the church school children when we started Lent and has now been recovered. The purple cloths no longer drape the crosses. The flowers are back on the altar......and everywhere else for that matter.
On Easter when the trumpets sound the Alleluia, the pews are filled to capacity, and voices are raised in unison to Jesus Christ Is Risen Today, you can't help but feel the new life, the new start, the awesomeness of the Resurrection when everything old is new again!!

All Things Bright and Beautiful

On a beautiful spring day (of which there have been many) the Junior Kindergarten classes went on a Field Trip to River Trails Nature Center to learn about maple syrup. While the temperature was not very conducive to watching the sap being extracted from the trees, it was a great day to be at a nature park.

Registration for next school year is complete for the currently enrolled families and there are a few placements available to members of the community who would like to apply. Interested families should contact Mary Johnson mrjohnson@holycomforter.org

There are still some placements available in the Summer Camp. Information may be found on our website here...