THE DOVE Summer 2013

The Rector's Column

by The Rev. Dr. Jason Parkin, Rector

May 12, 1945 ~ June 6, 2013

By now, hopefully the entire parish is aware of the sad and sudden death of Mary Jeffers, our parish secretary, on June 6. Mary had suffered a mild stroke April 20, and spent several weeks in Evanston Hospital regaining her strength and stability. She returned home about four weeks ago, and came back to Holy Comforter on Tuesday, June 4, for a few hours, following a very encouraging report from her physicians and physical therapists. The plan was that Mary would work part-time over the summer as she got stronger and healthier. Sadly, she was not able to come to work the two days following her return, and died some time on Thursday, the 6th. The celebration of her life took place on Friday, June 14, with many members of Holy Comforter in attendance to give thanks for Mary's ministry and life among us.

Mary was deeply loved by so many in the parish, and will be sorely missed. She was a warm, welcoming presence to all who entered the church doors, from the oldest among us to the youngest preschoolers arriving for All Things Bright and Beautiful every day. She was the first person most people encountered, and was, for many, the "face" of Holy Comforter.
Our prayers and our hearts go out to her brother, Marty, and to their entire extended family. Mary-or "Terry," as she was known in her family-was a devoted, and clearly adored, aunt, and her beloved nephews and nieces, in particular, will miss her presence and laughter.

May God embrace Mary with never-failing peace and love as she is raised to the
life eternal and joyous.

Emerging Church/Emerging Christ

Next Year's Wednesday Adult Class Plans

by Fr. Chris Hardman

I have been thinking lately-a dangerous thing, I know. Over the past few years in my Wednesday Morning Bible Study Class we have been looking at some of the theological concepts that are moving the church in a new direction. None of these concepts are new; they are really a recovery of the old. We are, in fact, rediscovering for our own age truths that we were not ready to incorporate then, but are now.

Truths like the Mystery of the Trinity. Our recovery of an understanding of the Trinity is really the engine that is driving most everything else. It has given us a fuller understanding of God, creation, church, prayer, worship, sin, heaven, and even where we are headed in God. It is the key to understanding the creation spirituality of the Celtic Church as well as the biblical concept of the Kingdom of God. It makes inclusion, hospitality, forgiveness, and outreach key ingredients in a holistic life.

How do we here at Holy Comforter begin to take hold of this renewed understanding and make it a reality in our lives?
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 Vacation Bible Camp

For 2 year olds through First Grade
July 29, 30, 31, August 1 and August 5,6,7,8
Please contact Mary Johnson if you are interested.


Some openings are still available for the 2013-2014 school year. Please contact Mary Johnson if you are interested.
Our Parent meeting will be held
August 29 from 7:00-8:30 p.m.
The meeting will begin in the Great Hall at Holy Comforter followed by a tour of your child's classroom with the teachers.

Good News Children

For the past 18 years, Bob and Jody Lapp have faithfully represented Holy Comforter at the Good News Children ministry in Rogers Park one Saturday a month. During those years, the Lapps have involved the children in a variety of activities including, at one time or another, educational experiences, art, games, cooking, and a host of other events; but, above all, they provided the young people with encouragement and love. Bob and Jody are planning to retire from their ministry at Good News Children in 2014, so we are hoping to use these coming months to invite others to become involved and possibly to take up their mantle.

The Good News Saturday Morning group meets at Holy Comforter monthly at 9:15 for the drive down to Rogers Park and returns at 12:30. While there, volunteers work with children in need and facilitate art projects, game-playing and a variety of other activities that build self-confidence and improve the children's decision-making skills. If you or your family are interested in helping continue this wonderful ministry, please contact Bob or Jody at 847.446.0576 or at for more information and encouragement. We will have occasion to say this again, but for now, thank you, Bob and Jody, for your marvelous service and dedication!

New Sunday Liturgy

Starting this September, Church of the Holy Comforter will be offering a new, additional liturgy at 5:30 on Sunday afternoons to complement our morning worship services. The specifics of this new liturgical experience have not yet been fully worked out, but we do know already that this will be a contemporary service that will combine prayers, music, and worship ingredients from several traditions and backgrounds. This weekly offering will include a Eucharist, and will be Episcopal in feel; but it is going to be rather different from the morning rites, as we continue our efforts to stretch our liturgical spectrum in a variety of directions. We also hope that an afternoon service will be appealing to those with conflicts on Sunday morning, as well as people in the local community who are looking for a relaxed worship moment. The liturgy will change with the seasons, and will be quite interactive, incorporating significant congregational participation.

A fuller description of the service, as well as some theological reflections concerning the implementation of such an offering, will be sent out later this summer to the entire parish. For now, please make a note of this new worship opportunity, and pray that it will be both a nourishing addition to our common life and might draw new people into the family of faith!

Movie Night in the Cloister!

On Friday night, August 16, we're gonna do something new: we're going to show a movie in the Columbarium Cloister! Although we're not sure what the film will be yet, this is simply going to be a night of fellowship and fun for everyone. The Church will provide popcorn, some chairs, and the flick itself: all you have to do is show up-with a blanket and pillows, if you want to stretch out on the lawn-for this first Outdoor Cinematic Extravaganza. Think of it as going to the drive-in, but in a very unique setting

More details to follow (and if you have suggestions as to good movies to show, drop us a line in the church office....!)

Stormin' The Barricades/Nets  

CHC Tennis Guild

You're invited to a "Bastille Day + 13 Tennis Social." On Saturday, July 27th, we will storm the barricades/nets at Westmoreland Country Club's beautiful outdoor courts. All CHC tennis players, fans and spouses are invited. Registration and warm-ups begin at 5:30 p.m., with match play to run from 6:00-8:00. $15 per player includes court time and tennis balls. BBQ Buffet at sunset, cost to be determined. Please respond to Sid Condit by July 20th. 847/256-0786

The Power of Music

by Derek E. Nickels, DMA, Director of Music

Albert Schweitzer was a man of many talents who dedicated his life to helping and caring for others.  He is known throughout the world as a great physician, philosopher, theologian, environmentalist, anti-nuclear activist, and winner of a Nobel Peace Prize.  He served on the faculty in both theology and philosophy at the University of Strasbourg and wrote several books on theology.  Unfortunately, many biographers tend to spend less emphasis on one of Schweitzer's early passions - music, and especially the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.  The legacy of Schweitzer and Bach is very well known to musicians and specifically organists.

Schweitzer was a talented organist who studied with the great Belgian organist Charles-Marie Widor (composer of the famous Toccata, a.k.a. the "Easter Vigil Postlude") at the Paris Conservatory.  Widor claimed to be part of a teacher-student lineage to extended back to J. S. Bach.  The interpretation of Bach that Widor taught to Schweitzer was therefore considered to be authentic.  The passion that these two musical geniuses had for Bach's music culminated in the publication of an eight-volume edition of the complete organ works of Bach edited by both Widor and Schweitzer.  This edition was first published in 1912 and provided general observations and suggestions for interpretation.  For many years, this was the favorite Bach edition for its critical commentary (although now somewhat dated) and large print.

Schweitzer recorded several Bach organ works on organs in London and in Strasbourg between 1935 and 1936.  These LPs are valuable treasures that document a man who did great things with his hands.  While he will always be remembered for the humanitarian efforts as a brilliant country doctor in Africa, many musicians continue to read his words and hear his interpretations of the brilliant composer, Johann Sebastian Bach.