THE DOVE October 2013

The Need Of The Giver

by The Rev. Dr. Jason L. Parkin, Rector

Many years ago, a stewardship slogan floated around the Episcopal Church that still rings true today: "The need of the giver to give is greater than the need of the Church to receive."

Yes, it is true that Holy Comforter needs financial support. There are lights to keep on, ministries to support, educational opportunities to strengthen, outreach opportunities to embrace, salaries to pay, and on and on. Contrary to what some might believe, we do not receive any support from the government or the Diocese or the national Episcopal Church-in fact, quite the opposite-and we do not have a particularly large endowment that underwrites our many programs and offerings. But even with all that said, the simple spiritual truth is that our need as individuals and families to give generously, sacrificially, in proportion to our income, is greater still than the parish's needs.

The fact that Jesus himself talked so much about the importance of faithful stewardship indicates that he, too, was convinced that a person's need to give was a significant dimension in their spiritual life and relationship to God. He saw what inordinate valuing of money could to do a person's soul, how a self-centered focus could enslave an individual's entire personality. Jesus saw it and was moved by it again and again; and he spoke out about the danger involved in the use of money and other resources. 16 of his 38 parables are about stewardship, and one-tenth of all gospel verses are about money and possessions.

You will soon be receiving materials concerning our annual pledge campaign. Please don't just skip over the information contained in these materials. Please read the information carefully, and pray about the ways in which God is calling you to respond to God's generosity. This fall, as we engage in our annual stewardship campaign, we all have the opportunity to take stock of our priorities, our level of faith and trust in God, the extent of our freedom from or bondage to money and the things of this world, and the well-being of our souls. In the face of all God has done for us-in the light of the cross and the empty tomb, and the peace that passes all understanding-let us respond responsibly, making certain that our pledge is a true indication of our faith in the One who has given us all that we have, including life itself, now and eternally. 

Practicing The Key Of Service

By Pastor Heath Howe

On the weekend of September 21st and 22nd we hosted the co-founder of Vibrant Faith Ministries, the Rev. Dr. David Anderson. Throughout the weekend David taught us the importance and value of sharing our faith with others. This is done best by practicing what Vibrant Faith calls the four keys: caring conversations, rituals and tradition, prayer, and service. Pastor Anderson also taught us the value of sharing faith stories across the generations. With these two teachings in mind, I asked Hal Stewart to share is experience of practicing these keys. Knowing Hal, it was not difficult to know which key might be best.  His Christ-like servant heart is obvious to so many.
Read his story here...

"There'll Be Swingin', Swayin', Records Playin'"

by Jill Klusendorf

This evening will be THE place to be seen when you make the scene! "Dancing and Dining Through the Decades" has  something for everyone. Read more here...

Youth Ministry Save-the-Dates!

by Charlotte Long, Youth Ministry Coordinator

We now have Youth Group for High Schoolers every Sunday night from 6pm - 8pm In the Great Hall!  We give you dinner and have great time, doing anything from longer discussions, long term projects and service, or the occasional laser tag.
Read more here...

In the Vineyard

Long-time parishioner Pat Babb died on August 31 in Mt. Prospect. We will celebrate her life with a memorial service and reception on Saturday, October 5, beginning at 1:00. Pat was beloved in the parish for decades, and deeply involved in the life of Kenilworth and the larger community, serving two terms as a Village Trustee and as President of the Kenilworth Historical Society, among other commitments and service. Please join us in this time of giving thanks for Pat's life and presence among us.

Live, from New York: It's Beck Bennett! Congratulations to Beck on joining the cast of Saturday Night Live as the show returns this coming weekend for its 39th season. Beck is the son of Andy and Sarah Bennett, and grew up at Holy Comforter (and surely you know him from, among other things, the AT&T commercials in which he interviews young children sitting at classroom tables). Best wishes to Beck in this new adventure.

Congratulations to Bob and Lissa Anderson on the birth of their second grandchild! Evelyn Elizabeth Anderson was born on Sept 26, weighing in at 7 lbs. and 21 inches. Evelyn's parents are David Anderson & Candice Babish. Blessings on the entire family.

And may God also bless Thomas David Drew, who was born on September 13. Thomas is the son of Dan and Erica Drew, the grandson of David and Carrie Drew, and the very first great grandchild of Bob and Pat Drew!

Our hearts and prayers go out to Eva Vitale and Jim Brzycki on the death of her father, Bernardo Vitale, on Friday, September 20, in Mequon, Wisconsin. His funeral took place last Monday. We pray comfort and peace for Eva, Jim and their family.

Leila Bowie, one of our soprano soloists, will be offering a recital this Friday evening, October 4, at 7:30 p.m. in Ganz Hall on the 7th floor of Roosevelt University, 430 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago. She will be singing songs by Mozart, Mendelssohn, Wolf, Mahler, Richard Strauss, Prokofiev, Bowles and Porter. Leila will be accompanied by Scott Gilmore, professor of opera at Roosevelt and head of the Music Staff at Chicago Opera Theater.

Newcomers' Reception

Sunday, October 12

Fr. Jason and Jan Parkin, Doug Groncki, and the Hospitality Team invite all who are new to Holy Comforter to join us at a reception and cocktail party at the Rectory on Saturday, October 12, from 4:00 to 6:00. This informal gathering - to which children of all ages are also invited - will be a casual and fun time for people who have recently come to Holy Comforter to meet some parishioners, learn more about the parish, and become acquainted with one another. We promise that there will be no "hard sell:" we simply want to welcome you to the parish and enjoy some time together. Even if you're not sure you are a "newcomer," please join us! RSVP to Laurel O'Donnell in the parish office by October 8. 847/251-6120, ext. 122

The Sacrament Of Holy Baptism

All Saints' Sunday, November 3

As most everyone is aware, we celebrate Holy Baptism four times each year at Holy Comforter: at the Great Vigil of Easter on Holy Saturday evening; on the Feast of Pentecost, our parish birthday and the celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit; on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord in early January when we commemorate Jesus' baptism at the hands of his cousin John in the Jordan River; and on All Saints' Sunday, the first Sunday in November, when we remember and rejoice in our identity as God's holy and beloved children. Each occasion has a unique quality and a unique connection to Holy Baptism; and all are poignant and powerful.

Our next celebration of Baptism will occur at the 9:00 Eucharist on Sunday, November 3. If you are interested in having a child baptized, or desire baptism for yourself, please contact the Rector at or at 847/251-6120, ext. 115. The next baptismal feast will be Sunday, January 12, 2014.

Dancing and Dining Through the Decades

Fall Fellowship Dinner

Friday, October 25th

Cocktails at 6:00pm
Dinner at 7:30pm
Please respond to Laurel O'Donnell in the Parish Office at 847/251-6120 by October 18th or sign-up here...

Adult Forum In October

by Father Chris Hardman
October 6th:  "Resourcing our Faith"
Chris Caywood and Oscar David will reflect on how the ways in which we use our various resources reflect our faith and relationship with God and the world.

October 13th: Steve Colton from the National Alliance on Mental Illness
Steve will share his own experience with depression as well as lead us in a discussion about mental health in general.

October 20th: Zach Schmidt from Bread for the World
Zach will introduce us to the concept of biblical justice in our world in a very gentle way.

October 27th: Sam Portaro, priest and author from Chicago
Sam will introduce us to the Anglican tradition of Prayer with a few surprises thrown into the mix.

It is a great line-up that includes opportunities to address the four keys of Vibrant Faith: Caring Conversations, Devotions, Rituals and Traditions, and Service. I am particularly excited about having my friend Sam Portaro with us on the 27th. Sam was one of the spiritual directors at the National Church Retreat I attended led by the faculty of CREDO. He will not only lead our forum but will preach at all the morning services. I lifted a little biography from the internet to share with everyone. Read more here... 

Men's Fellowship Returns!

First Meeting October 25th at 6:00am.

Interested in getting to know some men in our parish, discussing relevant topics for the day, and talking about your faith? Come join us for the Men's Fellowship Fall Series. Read more here...

'Tis the Season

by Mary Johnson, Director of Children's Ministries

For those who live in parts of the country where there is not a dramatic change between seasons, their only reference to "tis the season' may be about Christmas. How terribly sad. I can't imagine living anywhere that does not have the wonderful adventures in nature that we here in the Midwest experience. Read more here...

All Souls Day Liturgy

by Derek E. Nickels, DMA, Director of Music

On our All Souls Day liturgy on Monday, November 4th, we will commemorate all of the faithful departed with a special candlelight liturgy.  The choir will be singing the fourth movement of Johannes Brahms' famous Requiem, Op. 45.  Composers have written settings of the Requiem Mass since around the 16th century when the austere beauty and polyphony of Renaissance reached its full flowering potential with the works of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina and Orlando di Lassus, to name two famous and influential examples.  By the end of the 18th century, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Luigi Cherubini added a more theatrical flair to this genre, albeit within the context of the very sacred element.  The theatrical and operatic nature of the massively orchestrated Requiems by Berlioz and Verdi brought the development of this genre to a pinnacle of excessive instrumental forces.  Brahms added his genius to the repertoire with his unique German Requiem, a large, multi-movement work for chorus and orchestra based on Biblical passages and written in memory of his mother.  The fourth movement, "How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place" is based on Psalm 84:1-2, 4.