THE DOVE November 2013


by The Rev. Dr. Jason Parkin, Rector

Paul, called by the will of God to be an apostle of Christ the church of God which is at Corinth, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus, to those saints...who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...

This is how St. Paul began what we now know as his first letter to the Corinthians. From all evidence, the Christians in Corinth were, to put it mildly, a handful. They were a highly intelligent, lively group of people who, it seems, engaged in disputes with one another over a variety of issues. They argued about the respective value and worth of various spiritual gifts; they dissented over the question of how the Church was to be organized and led; in general, though "hot-wired" into the Spirit, they were a contentious, fractious group. In both of his letters to Corinth, Paul has to step in in order to resolve theological, personal, or organizational tensions. And yet, how does Paul refer to these troublesome Christians? He calls them "saints." Saints.

This situation always comes to my mind when the Church approaches the celebration of All Saints' Day. Truth be told, All Saints' is, after Easter, my favorite festival in the entire Church year.
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Adult Forum in November

November 3rd: Baptismal Reception

November 10th: Ben Thompson of the Samaritan Counseling Center will talk to us about "anxiety in our day."

November 17th: Sandy Boles and Anne O'Conner, Stephen Leaders, will help us understand why good listening skills are important and then help us improve those skills.

November 24th: Fair Trade Market in the Parish Hall with Ten Thousand Villages

November Thoughts

by Fr. Chris Hardman

As I was pondering the scope of our offerings this month, I noticed that they not only conform to the four keys of Vibrant Faith Ministries, they correspond to an understanding of God as Trinity. Let me share with you a Trinity Prayer we have been using for our Wednesday adult class. Read more here...

Thanks Be to God

by Pastor Heath Howe

St. Augustine said, "Nature really is our first bible." In many ways, more than ever, I find myself so thankful for the gift of nature. With this in mind, I have decided to add another ritual and tradition to my family's Thanksgiving Day celebration. Come November 28th, we will include giving thanks for the changing of the seasons.
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Thanksgiving Secrets Spilled!

by Jill Klusendorf, Community Life

First, let me say, I wish all of you and yours a most blessed Thanksgiving Day! For the Klusendorf Family, like most other families, this holiday would not be complete without our own set of traditions. It would involve the usual: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc, but it would also include the culinary delight known as the CRAB BALL.
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In the Vineyard...

With love, we welcome to the family of God
and the Holy Comforter family Jane Maxwell Clarke daughter of Swope and Maxie Clarke and sister of Preston and Emma.
Please join us at Janey's Baptism this Sunday, November 3rd,
at the 9:00 All Saints' Celebration. Reception to follow in the Great Hall.

Blessing of Pledges

Sunday, November 3rd

Don't forget that at the Eucharists on All Saints' Sunday, this coming weekend, we will bless all the pledges made in support of the ministry, programs, fellowship, and outreach of Church of the Holy Comforter. Please submit your sign of commitment as soon as you can, so that it might be included in the prayers on Sunday. 

All Souls' Day Commemoration

Monday, November 4th at 7pm

As we have for some years now, Holy Comforter will offer a special All Souls' Day liturgy of remembrance and thanksgiving. If you would like to remember a loved one who has died, and especially if you have suffered such a loss this past year, you are encouraged to attend this beautiful Eucharist.
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Thanksgiving Outreach

The Primo Center for Women and Children offers support services to homeless women and their children. Our generous food and dry goods donations provide them with the means to celebrate Thanksgiving. Donations will be collected from November 18th thru November 22nd, for delivery on Saturday, November 23rd.

Shopping bags and grocery and dry goods lists are available in the parlor and office. If you and your family would like to help delivery the items on the 23rd, please contact Jill Klusendorf at or at 847-251-6120, extension 111. Help us brighten the Thanksgivings of these families!

Registration for All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright and Beautiful is a ministry of Church of the Holy Comforter. We strive for excellence in providing the highest quality preschool experience for the children. We are accredited by DCFS and a member of the Winnetka Alliance for Early Childhood. We are limited in the number of spaces we can provide in our school.
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Bread Guild

Bread Baking volunteers for our community's Eucharists are sought. Pick a date that has significance in your life. Dates are always available. Contact Bill Haljun or co-chair Stephen Citari or look for a sign-up sheet at Adult Forums.

Remember the Bread Guild motto:
"We Deliver- You Bake - We Pick up!"
Sign-up now!

Rituals & Traditions Through the Years

by Mary Johnson, Director of Children's Ministries

As we approach one of the most beloved holidays we celebrate in this country, it occurred to me that this is an event steeped in rituals and traditions-one of the Four Keys of Vibrant Faith we have been talking about this year. For some families, the travels to be together may be across town, across the country, or just down the street. For my family, it's a trip to a very warm climate where there is not a snowflake for miles. Read more here...

Get Ready to Feel Good About Giving!

by Charlotte Long, Youth Ministry Coordinator

I went to the Chicago Laboratory High School in Hyde Park and my grade was full of children of some of the most well connected families in the Midwest. It was not uncommon for the students to be well-aware of the privilege they were born into, so, it was without much surprise that I heard a certain girl in my homeroom complaining about the community service requirement.  These words came out of her mouth: "If it doesn't show up on our GPA, I just don't understand why it's so important that we do it." Read more here...