When I hear or see the word disciple, it is most definitely in the coChildren's Chapelntext of all the Bible stories about Jesus and His disciples. The fishes and the loaves...and the disciples; when Jesus and His disciples; Jesus broke bread gave it to His disciples. In the Bible, there are so many times the word disciple is used and it's in the context of an engaging story about the life of Jesus. From these stories we know who the disciples were and much of their character. So a question I have is why a modern day derivation of disciple has two seemingly contradictory definitions.
When someone talks of learning a new discipline (has a good work-out discipline, or is very disciplined when it comes to whatever...) they are very positive connotations. So why is it when we use the word in association with children, it evokes a negative meaning: "you should discipline your child better" or "that child has no discipline!"
So as we begin this new school year, as parents and teachers, our goal for our children should be to facilitate the acquisition of a new discipline: academically, socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually. And in doing so, to instill in our children that it is NOT that we (the grown ups) are the teachers, but rather the students are the life long learners. Much the same way the disciples were with Jesus.

Church School

Our Church School year is well underway with so many students present on Sunday morning in the classrooms and Children's Chapel. We've celebrated the Eucharist with Pastor Heath and Fr. Jason. We love singing before chapel and during chapel and over the next several weeks we'll be busy learning a new hymn with Miss Youna and Marc Franson to sing with the full parish on Baptism Sunday in the big church. Each week we update the banners that we made on the first day to reflect the participation in the day's lesson. Even the littlest members of the parish are thriving in the two nurseries provided.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

We begin our year with 147 students in 13 classes and a staff of 14 teachers. The children represent 111 families, 30 of whom (27%) are parishioners. We had more tears upon leaving school than being brought in to stay. And so many mothers have said their child wakes up each day asking, "Is today a school day?" When the answer is yes, the moms report there is great joy. If not a school day, then there are tears. As many of the parents have heard me say: this is the definition of "No Child Left Behind." When the children can't wait to get to school, then we are succeeding. And how wonderful it would be if this were the sentiment for every child.....through high school and beyond!

Garden Update: we had a wonderful experience watching the garden grow over the summer months. We harvested lettuce and radishes that we ate for snack at summer camp. And we've had numerous harvests of tomatoes, peppers and herbs that some parishioners took home after the summer outdoor liturgies. Most recently, Mrs. Jan planted broccoli and kale with the children. We can't wait to try the Parkin treat of kale chips!