Pipe UP, Indeed!

by Derek Nickels, Director of Music 

Many thanks to the generous individuals, couples, and families that have graciously donated to the restoration of our Aeolian-Skinner organ! The work began on Monday morning, June 20 with the careful removal of the pipework from the organ chambers. The pipes were carefully measured and placed in pipe trays to be brought to the Berghaus shop in Bellwood where they will be thoroughly cleaned and repaired. Later this week, the pipe chests will be dismantled in order to be releathered. The console will also be taken to the Berghaus shop where it will be refurbished; the aging keydesks will be re-bushed so they are not as noisy as they used to be. The swell box (the louvered doors that open and close to make the organ sound softer or louder) will be rebuilt so it will be much more responsive and not creak and make other unseemly noises when it is opened or closed. Once the organ chamber is relatively empty, the Berghaus crew will be able to get rid of all the dust and debris that has accumulated since its installation in 1966. Again, thank you for your support in making this long-overdue project actually become a reality.