Confirmation 2015

On May 10, 2015, 32 young people from Holy Comforter were confirmed by the Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, Bishop of the Diocese of Chicago. These students completed a course of formation, discussion, and study titled "Confirm not Conform" that met every Sunday afternoon for 90 minutes from January through early May. This class was a delightful group of students, funny, interesting, stimulating and engaged, and we offer them our prayers and congratulations. Special thanks to Bill Haljun for co-leading the class once again this year.

Blessings upon our wonderful newly-confirmed brothers and sisters in Christ!

Hazard Gage Bahr
Hunter Wilder Bahr
Benjamin Olaf Barrett
Clara Beth Beatty
Edith Marie Browne
Jonathan Gunn Bunge
Sarah Hartrick Carlson
Leah Caywood
Domenic Eli Civetta
Theodore Biery Cornejo
Jenna Lee Dike
Charles Henri Fargo
Tess Kathryn Fallon
Kerry Virginia Fraleigh
Samuel Wherly Green
Jennifer Catherine Hall
Christopher Bowditch Harlan
Marion Louis Hunt III
Adelaide Stuart Jenkins
Theodore Mark Jerva
Elizabeth Bonet Kenyon
Nathaniel DaeHyun Howe Koh
Quinn Robert McClamroch
Malcolm Thomas McDonough
Nicholas Andrew Mangel
Archer Stuart Newsome
Charles James Randolph
Sheridan Elyse Tyson
Samantha Elizabeth Wert
John Thomas Wilkin
George Pearce Wise
Chloe Maureen Ziomek