Children's Chorus Update

Posted: 11/2/2012

By Bill Gordon

The newly formed children's chorus at Church of the Holy Comforter is off to a very strong start! We are regularly meeting on Wednesday afternoons from 4-5 p.m., as well as rehearsing on Sunday mornings from 10:50-11:35 a.m. These amazing young choristers are very much looking forward to participating in the worship services!

Every child, JK through grade 3, is receiving some singing/musical instruction from me during the Sunday School time. I can obviously tell that many of these students already are receiving some great musical instruction from their school music teachers and private instrument instructors.

Many thanks to the following students who comprise the main children's choir!

Lucas Lind
Elias Lind
Caroline Shaw
George Wise
Will Hedley
Jenna Flynn-Dike
Cameron Flynn-Dike
Adelaide Jerva
Chloe Jerva
Ali Crankshaw
Kate McClamroch
Natalie Duquette
Mackenzie Wilkin
Madeline Wilkin
Grace Mangel
Delia Ziomek
Edie Browne
Tipton Browne