When asked to describe a fundamental principle for our schools, both preschool and Sunday school, I reply: there are many things that will change for these children. What will never change is how much God loves you. When we begin the year the students experience the changes of new classrooms, new teachers, new classmates and a change from their summer routine. We have a big change in the Children's Chapel. We have a brand new classroom space on the second floor for an additional preschool class that was added to the schedule, and we have some new faces on both the preschool and Holy Comforter staffs.

The newest change to our Sunday morning schedule is Mr. Bill Gordon. The impact he has made even in three weeks is amazing! Students can't wait to get to the choir room or Children's Chapel to sing with Mr. Gordon.  We are preparing for the first time this new choir will sing for the parish at the 9:00 Liturgy. Get ready to be amazed on November 4 when the choir will lead the procession on Baptism Sunday!

These changes of spaces and staff are all easily identified. As the year continues we will notice the changes in the environment: the trees change colors, the air gets cooler, and we begin to don jackets and long pants.

Through the year, we will remind the students in stories and example what will not change - ever - is how much God loves them. Pastor Heath has a beautiful relationship with the All Things Bright and Beautiful students and explains this to the children in their story time each week. The ATBB staff find several ways throughout the school day to remind the children of God's love. And our Sunday school program surrounds the students with this certainty through the celebration of the Eucharist and the commitment of the volunteer staff to be a sign of God's presence each week.




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