Easter: A Call to Stewardship

by Marc Franson, Canvass and Stewardship Chair

We are in midst of the Easter season. We have made it through Lent and have again heard the Gospel message of new and everlasting life. One of course might expect the Canvass Chair to claim that Easter is a call to renewed stewardship. It is! The mystery and miracle of the Easter message challenges us to live differently. Knowing the mystery and miracle of the Resurrection begs us to answer the difficult question of how we will choose to live out our faith going forward. In reality, this is a question of stewardship. Knowing what Christ did for us, how will we share our time, abilities and gifts, our money and even our lives to serve the church, make a difference in the lives of others and advance the Kingdom of God? Our parish provides many opportunities to become better stewards. There are ministries where we can donate our time, contribute our talents and invest our treasures. I hope that during this Easter season you will contemplate the gifts bestowed upon us by the passion, death and resurrection and respond in kind to the call of our Lord to serve the Gospel in our community and in the world. Certainly there is some way we can tangibly live out our faith just a little bit better, by giving a little more of ourselves and our resources. Embrace stewardship this Easter season!