Bright & Beautiful Bash

What a party it was! What a time of joy, celebration, friendship, and thanksgiving!

On Friday night, April 17, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our peerless preschool, All Things Bright and Beautiful, with a lively, festive Bash. The celebration took place in both the Great Room and under a tent on the north lawn of the parish campus, and included a silent auction, fabulous live music, dancing, dining, drinking, lots of recollections, and even a birthday cake. About 250 people gathered to give thanks for the life and growth of ATB&B, including parishioners, parents, parents of alumni, teachers, and friends from the community. We could hardly have asked for a better time, a lovelier event, or finer weather (clearly, God loves ATB&B as much as the rest of us do).

Dozens of people took part in planning, organizing, and implementing the event, too many, in fact, to mention here. But special note-and profound thanks-needs to be given to the four women who coordinated the entire evening: Sarah Alt, Maxie Clarke, Chrissie Taylor, and Megan Hoffman offered their time, energy, insight, and selfless devotion to create a night that will be remembered with delight for years to come. They were supported throughout the entire journey by Jill Klusendorf, our Director of Community Life. Thanks are due to the bartenders, artists, donors, decorators, schleppers, and so many others; but this marvelous event would not have happened without Sarah, Maxie, Chrissie, Megan, and Jill. From all of us, deepest gratitude and praise!

All Things Bright and Beautiful is such a terrific school largely because of the teachers, past and present, who have served here. It was a special treat to see several teachers and founders from the early years of the school return for the Bash, and to reconnect with old friends and parents of their students. And everyone who has ever been involved with ATB&B, even peripherally, knows that the true heart of the school has always been provided by the Director. What a great thrill and, indeed, privilege it was to gather with, and laud, the three women who have led the school over these 20 years: Gretchen Quinn, Sue Murphy, and Mary Johnson! They are, simply, the best, and have, in their own turns, guided and molded ATB&B superbly over these two decades.

Several people have asked whether the Bash was a financial success. In a word: absolutely! After all expenses were accounted for, we generated net income-from sponsors, ticket sales, donations, raffle tickets, the auction, and the "raise a paddle"-of a little over $78,000! Those proceeds will allow us to put in the new playground and sandbox, offset some security costs, and increase our outreach efforts and giving for the year. In other words, we will have accomplished all of our goals, and had a uniquely memorable time doing so.

Thank you to all who led, participated in, attended, and supported the Bright and Beautiful Bash. Here's to another 20 years of growth, vitality, ministry, and joy....