Baptism is the rite of Christian initiation, the liturgy through which we enter into the Paschal mystery of our Lord's life, death, resurrection and ascension. In Baptism one is washed with water in the name of the Holy Trinity and emerges from the water of the font a new person whose life has been grafted into the life of the resurrected Christ.

At Holy Comforter Baptism is administered during the Eucharist on the following principal Feasts: Easter, Pentecost, All Saints' Day and the Baptism of our Lord. All baptismal candidates and their parents and sponsors undergo a period of prayer and instruction before Baptism can occur; all Baptisms are approved by the Rector. Further information about requirements and expectations concerning Holy Baptism is available in our Baptism Handbook or a hard copy is available in the parish office.

When people have been baptized, they form a covenant with God. We call that, not surprisingly, the Baptismal Covenant. From time to time, it is personally and pastorally useful to renew that covenant. Sometimes, a move from one church to another can be an occasion for renewal of the Baptismal Covenant. A major change in vocation or personal life can be another occasion for renewing of the baptismal covenant. Please speak with one of the clergy.