Mrs. Anne and Mrs. Eileen's JK

Mrs. Anne and Mrs. Eileen's JrKWhat we did this month

Here is what we did this month
We have been:
●Getting to know one another
●Learning our schedule and routine
●Doing our assigned jobs every other week
●Taking advantage of the nice weather and playing outside
●Practicing holding a pencil and tracing short lines and curves
●Learning "A", our first letter of the week
●Going to chapel with Father Chris
●Learning about friendship: what makes a friend, how to treat a friend, how God is our friend. We made a "Circle of Friends" poster with handprints by all the JK students. We made "fish scale" necklaces for our friend of the week after reading The Rainbow Fish. We toured the church offices to meet the many adult friends who help make ATB&B such a special place.

Friend of the Week began the second week of school.  We are doing a great job learning how to cooperate, share and respect one another.  We are making many new friends!

Here is what we will do next month

●Monday, September 28 marked the beginning of our first letter of the week. On Mondays remember to bring in one item from home which starts with the letter.  
●We will be talking about autumn, collecting signs of autumn and using them for a craft.
●We will take a field trip to the Grove on Monday, October 26.
●Come dressed in costume on Thursday, October 29!  We will enjoy a party in the Great Hall.

Some of the books we've read .............and songs we have sung

We have read:                                                   Some songs we sang are:
Will You Be My Friend                                               "A Circle is Round"
Rainbow Fish                                                           "Make New Friends"
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom                                        "Bridge, Tunnel, Road"
George and Martha                                                  "The Appleseed Grace"
Emily and Albert
Take a Kiss to School
Alfie and the Big Boys
Johnny Appleseed

We read the story, "Daniel in the Lion's Den" in chapel and discussed how God is our friend.

Other newsworthy noAmelia and dadtes.......


We celebrated the 5th birthday for Amelia and Jane.
Happy Birthday!



Mark your calendars:
Oct. 12 - No school- Columbus Day
Oct. 26 - Field trip to the Grove. Info and permission slips to come.
Oct. 29 - Halloween Party!
Nov 7 - Dad's Day  8-8:45 a.m.