Adult Forum 2015-2016

God is Love:

Creating   Sustaining   Uniting

This our programmatic theme this year. When we say God is love we are saying more than "God loves us." We are saying that God is more a verb than a noun, more a flow of love than another object in the universe.

Putting your head around that can be quite discombobulating. When I first heard this in seminary some 30 years ago, it made my head hurt. Please hear this! Proclaiming that God is Love does not do away with the truth that God loves us. Nor does it do away with our understanding of God as a noun which, by the way, is very helpful in our developing a personal relationship with God. Instead, understanding that God is Love transcends and includes those concepts.

We will introduce and explain what that theme means more fully on kick-off Sunday, September 13th. Then, on the 20th, we will hold a ministry faire, exposing us to the many ways God is at work in our own parish community. On the 27th, Jan Parkin will talk to us about Episcopal Charities, some of the many ways God is working in our diocese including a special note about one of our own that you will want to hear about and celebrate. In October, we "take off" from there.

Adult Forum in September

September 6: No Forum, Labor Day Weekend

September 13: Kick-off Sunday: A brief overview of our theme God is Love: Creating, Sustaining, Uniting

September 20: Ministry Faire: Join us to learn more about the many opportunities for to serve our parish and the community through the Ministries at Holy Comforter

September 27: Jan Parkin will present on Episcopal Charities and the many ways God is at work in our diocese