Adult Forum in May

"Digging Deep and Rising High"

by Fr. Chris Hardman

We have one more "Easter People" presentation set for the first Sunday in May. Emily Voit will share her spiritual journey with us at that time. You won't want to miss it.

The second Sunday in May will be our last adult forum this programmatic year. We have been "digging deep and rising high" all year. What was most meaningful for you this year? What can we do to make the adult forum even better next year? Bring your thoughts, ideas, and prayers with you on the 14th.

May 7th: Our second "Easter People" presentation with Emily Voit

May 14th: What did you like this year? How can we make next year even better?

May 21st: Annual Picnic (no forum)

May 28th: Memorial Day weekend (no forum)